Future Caucus chapters in each state legislature connect Gen Z and millennial lawmakers who seek to transcend polarization and get results for their communities.

State Future Caucus Network

Gen Z and millennials are bringing a new style of leadership to the halls of power. While young people didn’t create the problems we’re facing, we’re optimistic enough to believe we can solve them and pragmatic enough to know that building coalitions is a necessary step to creating effective change. 

Future Caucus programs help young lawmakers build deeper relationships with their colleagues across the aisle and get legislative results. One half of members of Congress previously served as state legislators, so training state lawmakers to govern effectively has a ripple effect across all levels of government.

Transcending political polarization through Gen Z and millennial leadership


156 legislators currently hold leadership positions in the State Future Caucus Network


13% of all young legislators in the country participated in our programming this year


1,843 total Gen Z and millennial state legislators in all 50 states


40% of all bipartisan bills enacted in 2023 were authored by young lawmakers


Anatomy of a BillArkansas

Crown Act: New Civil Rights Protections in Arkansas

November 4, 2023

CROWN Act: New Civil Rights Protections <span class="dewidow">in Arkansas</span>
Future’s FrontlineNational

Future Caucus Partners With National Governor’s Association To address Polarization

September 28, 2023

Future Caucus Partners with National Governor’s Association to <span class="dewidow">Address Polarization</span>
Anatomy of a BillOklahoma

An Unlikely Political Pair Take On Maternal Health in Oklahoma

March 30, 2023

An Unlikely Political Pair Take on Maternal Health <span class="dewidow">in Oklahoma</span>

The future depends on the success of these efforts that support leaders who may differ in ideology but work hard to find common ground to solve the issues that impact us all.”

Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R-AR)
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Future Caucus is a safe space for young, diverse elected officials to share experiences and best practices.”

Rep. Ajay Pittman (D-OK)
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Sen. Bogner on the value of this network

Meet our Legislators

Profiles of Effective LawmakersArkansas

Rep. Aaron Pilkington | Republican – Arkansas

July 17, 2023

Rep. Aaron Pilkington | Republican <span class="dewidow">– Arkansas</span>
Profiles of Effective LawmakersKansas

Rep. Jo Ella Hoye | Democrat – Kansas

June 14, 2023

Rep. Jo Ella Hoye | Democrat <span class="dewidow">– Kansas</span>
Profiles of Effective LawmakersAlabama

Rep. Jeremy Gray | On Offense for Alabama

March 10, 2023

REP. JEREMY GRAY | ON OFFENSE <span class="dewidow">FOR ALABAMA</span>


#ouramericanfabric: Black history Month

Event date: February 23, 2022

#OurAmericanFabric: Black <span class="dewidow">History Month</span>

North Carolina Politics Still A Tough Play For Millennials And gen Z

September 20, 2023

North Carolina politics still a tough play for millennials and <span class="dewidow">Gen Z</span>

For Young Americans, Politics Breaks The American Dream Instead Of building It

September 14, 2023

For young Americans, politics breaks the American dream instead of <span class="dewidow">building it</span>
Rep. Sara Jacobs


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