Energy & Environment

Future Caucus legislators create bipartisan coalitions to advance innovative policies related to energy and the environment. There is a generational consensus on the need to deliver results.

Innovation Agenda

Our national reckoning with the impacts of a changing climate grows more urgent by the day. Fortunately, the avenues to address these challenges are increasingly tangible and new technologies continue to expand the options available to policymakers. In the face of evolving threats, lawmakers can build stronger, more prosperous communities by prioritizing common sense solutions that bolster resiliency and capitalize on innovation. The move to renewable technologies and the reevaluation of our nation’s power grids provide an opportunity to address America’s changing energy needs and create additional jobs. Lawmakers across the country have introduced hundreds of alternative technology and energy infrastructure measures in recent years as states explore innovative ways to best harness new energy possibilities. These initiatives are increasing energy independence, improving infrastructure resilience, reducing carbon emissions, and creating new careers.

Energy Learning Network

In 2019, Future Caucus launched the Energy Learning Network to advance a national conversation on innovative energy solutions and engage members in peer-to-peer dialogues and expert-informed discussions.


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Policy Impacts

New Climate Solutions: How Microgrids Offer A Bipartisan Approach To wildfire Response

September 23, 2020

New Climate Solutions: How Microgrids Offer a Bipartisan Approach to <span class="dewidow">Wildfire Response</span>
Policy ImpactsConnecticut

Generating Energy In Connecticut: A Note From rep. Gilchrest

April 8, 2020

Generating Energy in Connecticut: A Note From <span class="dewidow">Rep. Gilchrest</span>

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