Future Caucus legislators create bipartisan coalitions to secure access to affordable and quality housing. They commit to sustained engagement across the partisan divide to deliver results.

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Access to affordable, accessible, available, and quality housing is an issue that challenges many communities across the country. Over 40% (19 million) of renters spent more than 30% of their income on housing costs during 2017-2021, above the threshold considered a housing cost burden per the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of affordable housing. About half of Americans say housing costs are a major problem where they live and 70% of Americans said young adults today have a harder time buying a home than their parents’ generation did.  Lawmakers are looking at strategies to preserve and build affordable homes to strengthen and support families and advance our country’s economic recovery. Housing policy also provides opportunities to advance racial equity and opportunity through housing by addressing disproportionately high housing costs, entrenched segregation and concentrated poverty, and disparities in homeownership and family wealth.

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Celebrating Millennial Veteran State Legislators on Veterans <span class="dewidow">Day 2021</span>
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