Gen Z and millennials are bringing a new style of leadership to halls of power. While young people didn’t create the problems we’re facing, we’re idealistic enough to believe we can solve them and pragmatic enough to know that building coalitions is a necessary step to creating effective change.

State Future Caucus Network

Building a connection for young state legislators across ideological and geographic lines

Congressional Future Caucus

Bringing together young members of Congress across partisan lines

“We have a lot of similar policy proposals getting through, so I really enjoy talking to Future Caucus members and learning their best practices.

Sen. Ken Bogner (R-MT)

“Future Caucus gave me a group of people that were like me – young, engaged in policy, elected, and excited to continue bipartisanship for the next generation.

Rep. Ajay Pittman (D-OK)
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Meet Our Members

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Profiles of Effective LawmakersArkansas

Rep. Aaron Pilkington | Republican – Arkansas

July 17, 2023

Rep. Aaron Pilkington | Republican <span class="dewidow">– Arkansas</span>
Profiles of Effective LawmakersKansas

Rep. Jo Ella Hoye | Democrat – Kansas

June 14, 2023

Rep. Jo Ella Hoye | Democrat <span class="dewidow">– Kansas</span>
Profiles of Effective LawmakersAlabama

Rep. Jeremy Gray | On Offense for Alabama

March 10, 2023

REP. JEREMY GRAY | ON OFFENSE <span class="dewidow">FOR ALABAMA</span>
Rep. Sara Jacobs


Be a part of a network of lawmakers committed to governing effectively, passing more representative public policy, and increasing public trust in democracy.