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Future Caucus legislators create bipartisan coalitions to address the rapidly changing economy and the transformation of work.

Innovation Agenda

Automation, trade disruption, and the growth of the information economy have all put pressure on American businesses and the American workforce. Factoring into this environment are the risks and opportunities posed by new technology and generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, which are accelerating the pace of change and reimagining the future of work. Young Americans are finely attuned to these issues. Legislators can ensure their communities are prepared for the disruption — creating pathways to new jobs, while also taking care to address the needs of young people entering the workforce, and others already in it.

2022 Future of Work Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was organized for members to share their experiences, expertise, and approaches to initiatives appropriate for their state. Participation does not imply support of all approaches.


Rep. Jeremy Gray (D-AL)

Meet Jeremy

Rep. Nick Hoheisel (R-KS)

KS Rep. Nick Hoheisel

Bipartisan opportunities for 2024


Beyond the BubbleNational

Future Summit south 2024

June 20, 2024

Future Summit <span class="dewidow">South 2024</span>
Policy ImpactsNational

Future Of Work Advisory council Roundtables

November 16, 2022

Future of Work Advisory <span class="dewidow">Council Roundtables</span>
Policy ImpactsNational

The Solution To student Debt?

August 31, 2022

The solution to <span class="dewidow">student debt?</span>

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Rep. Sara Jacobs


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