Younger lawmakers look at new ways of criminal justice reform

January 9, 2024


by: Stephen Biddix

MONTPELIER, Vt. — A group in Montpelier is looking to change the polarization of politics by prioritizing results and not just voting just on party lines. 

They’re the Vermont Future Caucus and are geared towards millennials and Gen Z. The tri-partisan group has put a focus on criminal justice reform and already working on a bill that would shorten offenders’ prison sentences if they take educational classes while incarcerated.

The group also aims to inspire younger generations. 

“Representation is not only needed, but it matters, and so what I hope is when the public sees that this Vermont Future Caucus not only exists, but that we’re strong and effective, it inspires more young people to run for office,” said Rep. Mary Katherine-Stone, a democrat for Burlington. 

They have their first meeting next Wednesday, where they will lay out all their key priorities and look to become a key player throughout the session.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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