Bipartisanship with VT Future Caucus Co-Chairs, Rep. Mary-Katherine Stone & Rep. Casey Toof

January 10, 2024

Bipartisanship is back and we’re so freakin’ glad about it. Working across the aisle is not an easy feat and yet it’s something that members of Future Caucus do regularly. The org brings together young legislators from across the aisle and provides a space for them to talk out issues, ideas, and work together to get shit done. In today’s polarized enviro, it’s uber impressive and something we needed to get the scoop on. Cue, our guests, VT Rep. Mary-Katherine Stone, a Democrat and VT Rep. Casey Toof, A Republican. These two guests walk us through how they work together and what strategies they implement to do so. They also provide us with perspective on how important bipartisanship is and also having conversations with people you may not agree with. There’s much common ground to be found, and these two guests tell the tale of how to find it.

Watch the full podcast here.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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