Reps. LaTourette and Stinziano Announce Formation of Ohio Future Caucus

October 8, 2015

Both lawmakers will be seeking out their peers in the Ohio House to join the caucus and begin formulating their legislative agenda.

Rep. Michael Stinziano (D)
Rep. Sarah LaTourette (R)

State Representatives Sarah LaTourette (R-Bainbridge) and Michael Stinziano (D-Columbus) have today announced the formation of the Ohio Future Caucus. Working with the Millennial Action Project (MAP), the Ohio Future Caucus will seek to create a bipartisan coalition of political contemporaries in order to bridge the political divide and find common-sense solutions to the state’s biggest issues.

Reps. LaTourette and Stinziano will co-chair the new caucus and hope to recruit their Millennial Generation colleagues to join them. Both lawmakers have noted the importance of finding common ground and working together across the aisle to put an end to the partisan gridlock that can often stall debate in the Ohio House.

“I ran for office because, like many of my generation, I am tired of the hyper-partisan atmosphere that dominates our politics and derails important legislation. That is why I am excited to form the Ohio Future Caucus and provide younger members a venue to openly, honestly, and thoughtfully address the issues facing Ohioans without partisan grandstanding. Working together, we can foster an environment of respectful debate that can only improve our legislative efforts,” said Rep. LaTourette.

“The Ohio Future Caucus offers the General Assembly an opportunity to open new lines of dialogue to find answers to some of Ohioans greatest concerns,” said Stinziano. “The residents of Ohio deserve a legislative body that is willing to set politics aside and work together to find common-sense solutions, and the Ohio Future Caucus presents us the opportunity to do just that.”

The Ohio Future Caucus will be partnered with MAP, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization activating young legislators across the country and in Congress to foster cooperative, future-focused leadership. In addition to the bipartisan Congressional Future Caucus, the first caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives for younger members, eight other states have formed or are in the process of forming their own Future Caucuses. California, Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Texas have already created Future Caucuses.

“A new generation of policymakers at the state level are moving beyond partisanship and forging solutions to the nation’s most important challenges,” said MAP President and Co-Founder, Steven Olikara. “We are thrilled to welcome the Ohio Future Caucus to our growing movement. Their fresh leadership represents the future of our country.”

With the 131st General Assembly well underway, Reps. LaTourette and Stinziano will be seeking out their peers in the Ohio House to join the caucus and begin formulating their legislative agenda.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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