Serve Together: National Week of Post-Partisan Action


The focus of the week was to catalyze and amplify the Future Caucuses’ post-partisan efforts to bridge the divide. This week mobilized young people from all corners of the country—in Congress, in state legislatures, and at the grassroots level—to join together and showcase examples of post-partisan behavior, and build a new narrative around what political collaboration looks like. 

To us, “post-partisan” means moving beyond conventional party divides and inviting all opinions into the conversation. The goal is not to compromise, but to develop new and innovative policy approaches and solutions together. Members of the Future Caucus Network have put their public service above partisanship — and even above traditional bipartisanship — and this week of action is about showcasing how they serve together. They engaged in activities including announcing new legislation, expanding Future Caucus membership and leadership, and leveraging print and digital platforms to share their work in the Future Caucus. 

But this was an all-hands-on-deck affair: we tapped our State Future Caucus Network, Congressional Future Caucus, Young Leaders Council, the Future Corps, and you, a supporter.

#Future Caucusservestogether — let’s show the nation real actions of Millennial leadership.

#MAPservestogether Events

Future Summit 2023

Event date: August 09, 2023

Future Summit 2023

Pennsylvania Future caucus Re-launch

Event date: May 23, 2023

Pennsylvania Future <span class="dewidow">Caucus Re-Launch</span>



To The Future! Young Lawmakers Goals in Pennsylvania

May 22, 2024

To the Future! Young Lawmakers Goals <span class="dewidow">in Pennsylvania</span>
North Carolina

Gen Z Candidates Look To Make Their Mark In This year’s Election

May 21, 2024

Gen Z candidates look to make their mark in this <span class="dewidow">year’s election</span>
New York

Young Lawmakers Chart Bipartisan Future For state Legislature

May 21, 2024

Young lawmakers chart bipartisan future for <span class="dewidow">state Legislature</span>
Rep. Sara Jacobs


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