17 Young People Shaping the Philadelphia Political Scene

November 4, 2015

Dan Kessler leads our Future Caucus organizing efforts in Pennsylvania. Learn more about him and other young Philadelphians leading a new era of political organizing.

Photo Credit: Jayna Wallace/ Billy Penn

North Philly native Omar Woodard is just 31 and he’s worked for political campaigns from Sen. Tony Williams to President Obama. Jane Slusser, the campaign manager for Jim Kenney’s bid for mayor, is one of the youngest women to run a successful mayoral campaign in a major city. Aubrey Montgomery is one of the most well-known young political fundraisers in the region.

Suffice it to say: Philly has some impressive young people in its political scene.

Billy Penn has been showing off some of Philly’s best leaders for a year now, and it’s time to bring it back to where it all started: Politics. So we’re recognizing these people and some of their peers as outstanding young leaders in this month’s version of Who’s Next. They’re the next generation of politicians, fundraisers and strategists representing Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

Meet 17 of the young people who are shaping politics in Philadelphia and across the state, in alphabetical order: Click here to read full article.

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