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Why Obama is talking about Future Caucus

May 10, 2024

By Layla Zaidane

I often talk about the ripple effect — how the small choices we make can reverberate well beyond our immediate surroundings. We know this at Future Caucus: what young lawmakers do and how they govern can inspire people far and wide. 

Sometimes, it even inspires a president.

When young legislators come together across lines of difference to work on solutions, they set a powerful example. It inspires citizens to believe in democracy when they see the results achieved through healthy conflict.

That’s what Dr. Ted Johnson saw when he spoke at our annual legislator summit, Future Summit, last year. He met many Gen Z and millennial legislators; he saw their optimism and pragmatism about solving our country’s critical problems. 

Little did I know, that experience has sat with him ever since. This week, he wrote about the power of young people in The Washington Post.

Today, President Obama shared this story of hope with the world.

And tomorrow, I hope we can reach even more people with this powerful message: if we work together, our best days are ahead.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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