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Profiles of Effective Lawmakers: Rep. Daniel Singh | Republican – Wyoming

May 31, 2023

Balancing Constituents’ Needs + Collaboration: A Gen Zer’s Approach to Politics

State Representative Daniel Singh is a 26 year-old lawmaker in Wyoming. Singh is one of the three young lawmakers in their 20’s in his state. Before becoming a lawmaker, Rep. Singh was a recent graduate working in customer service. As a self-identified, “Next-Generation Republican,” he is hoping to give a fresh perspective to the statehouse and advance policies that are good for his community and for his generation. Read on to learn more about Rep. Singh!

Singh grew up as the son of missionaries and saw developing countries around the world. His father is Trinidadian and Toboggan. These early experiences informed his college decisions later on. Singh’s eclectic educational background — studying political science at Casper College and biblical studies in England and California — gave him an appreciation for the United States’ unique systems of government. Singh credits his upbringing as giving him community-centered values and commitment to conflict resolution — two beliefs that he applies to the Wyoming State Legislature everyday.

Despite the looming question, “will I try and pass something my first term?” each newly-elected official faces, when Singh got to the state legislature, he hit the ground running — passing a bipartisan bill to decriminalize vehicle idling in Wyoming. On the bill, he sought political support from every side of the aisle. Singh said on building rapport with his Democratic colleagues his first few weeks in the legislature, “you have to be able to work with each other and sacrifice things that are not as consequential because it’s a long game.”

Singh’s pragmatism follows him into his committee work — he has a passion for travel, wildlife, and culture, all issues that deeply impact Wyoming. His interest in history and animals ultimately led him to serve on committees relevant to his passions. He has worked on issues such as invasive species, wildlife management, animal crossings, and cultural heritage preservation.

As a young legislator, Singh is keenly aware of the issues facing young people. He sees the democracy that he is trying to sustain as one that — unlike some of his older colleagues — he will be around to see in 50 years. When asked about what a healthy and sustainable democracy looks like to him, he noted some of the challenges our politics faces, “The most significant challenges facing our democracy today are the unwillingness to work together and the lack of emotional maturity in politics.”

To work through these challenges, Singh relies on a steadfast commitment to the nation’s founding principles and the Constitution. “My golden rod for whether or not something is right is if it’s constitutional,” he stated. By focusing on the founding ideals and finding common ground with his colleagues, he is able to balance representing his constituents’ needs while understanding the necessary roles of compromise and collaboration for an effective legislative process.

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