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Pennsylvania Future Caucus Announces New Leadership

May 25, 2023

It is time to rewrite the narrative of politics to build a better future. In an era when trust in institutions wavers and cynicism clouds governance, we need leaders to answer the call of cooperation.

Recently, a group of young leaders in the “Keystone State” answered this call. The Pennsylvania Future Caucus (PAFC), a bipartisan caucus of Gen Z and Millennial lawmakers dedicated to addressing young people’s issues, was re-launched on Tuesday, May 23rd at the state capitol. The event witnessed an impressive turnout with community members and press filling nearly every chair — symbolizing the growing interest and hope surrounding the caucus’s mission. With a spirit of teamwork and unity filling the room, legislators, and attendees alike felt a renewed sense of optimism for the future of Pennsylvania.

“We have many big challenges facing Pennsylvanians including lack of affordable housing, student loan debt, infrastructure investments and we need members of both parties to work together and find solutions. I’m excited about the opportunity to join with Representative Kutz and my other colleagues to face these challenges in a bipartisan manner,” said Rep. Justin Fleming, the Democratic co-chair of the caucus.

Echoing the sentiment of collaboration, Rep. Thomas Kutz, the Republican co-chair of the caucus remarked, “Pennsylvanians need forward thinking legislators who will work across the aisle and focus on results that will benefit Pennsylvania for generations. This Future Caucus is a crucial step towards tackling tough issues head-on. I’m thrilled to work with Representative Fleming, someone who understands the need to find common ground in state government. I’m eager to get to work.”

Under the leadership of Rep. Fleming (D) and Rep. Kutz (R), the Pennsylvania Future Caucus aims to restore trust in institutions, promote good governance, and address the issues facing young people in the state. The re-launch event proved to be a promising start to their endeavors.

Following the press conference, the legislators headed off to a reception where they enjoyed drinks, food, and the chance to mingle. The informal setting allowed for further discussions as the new colleagues worked to develop strong relationships that can contribute to the success of the caucus’ future work.

The re-launch of the Pennsylvania Future Caucus marks a turning point in the state’s political landscape — signaling a commitment to effective governance and a refocus on the generations to come. While the future is always unknown, the re-launch of the PAFC holds the promise of a brighter future for the state.

Watch the full press conference here!

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