Liliana Gilster

Energy and Environment Graduate Fellow

Liliana is the recently appointed Energy and Environment Graduate Fellow in the Innovation Lab at Future Caucus, the foremost nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering young lawmakers in the United States. In this role, Liliana will lead collaborative efforts with lawmaker fellows, experts, and stakeholders, facilitating bipartisan discussions and legislative advancements that align with the organization’s commitment to a vibrant and functional democracy.

Liliana earned her BA in Environmental Policy and a Minor in Geography from Western Washington University and is currently pursuing an MS in Environmental Metrology and Policy at Georgetown University. Her primary areas of study focus on environmental pollutants and equitable, interdisciplinary policy action.

Before joining Future Caucus, Liliana worked as an environmental educator and naturalist in California. Prior to that, she served at the Washington State Legislature as a non-partisan policy intern with the Senate Democratic Caucus and as a Committee Assistant with the Senate Housing and Local Government Committee. Currently, Liliana is working on reducing GenX chemicals in groundwater at Georgetown University. Eager to contribute to Future Caucus’s mission, Liliana embraces the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of policy innovation and leadership development.

Liliana grew up in Bellingham, Washington and enjoys spending her free time reading, cooking, traveling locally and internationally, and enjoying the outdoors through hiking or swimming.

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