Jessica Gottsleben

Innovative Servant Leader

Jessica Gottsleben, MS is an internationally-recognized policy advisor and strategist, security scholar and researcher, human and civil rights advocate, consultant, survivor expert, and subject matter expert. Jessica’s heaviest areas of expertise include climate security, cybersecurity, intelligence, transformative and restorative justice and environmental and economic justice, violence, exploitation, human trafficking and slavery, terrorism, sustainable development, peacebuilding, and security. She provides strategic foresight, ethics, and resiliency across Just Transition, Fair Trade, Clean Energy, Regenerative, Circular and Solidarity Economies, for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Digital Age, and Public Diplomacy 2.0.

For highlights, Jessica advised on The Paris Agreement, provides counsel in cases of abuse and cyber abuse, recently secured legislation for a rape kit tracking system in Florida, and is actively working to end qualified immunity and Coercive Control in the United States. She serves on FreeFrom’s Survivor Wealth Policy Group, with the Union of Concerned Scientists, with OWASP, as a founding member of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, as an Advocate for Hacking is NOT a Crime, as a new Security Fellow with the Truman National Security Project, an Ambassador of Secure Diversity, as one of the youngest inaugural Congressional Fellows in Constitutional Law, and formerly the first-ever elected Ambassador of Running Start, among other roles, in addition to serving on the Future Caucus’ Young Leaders Council for the last four years. She has also been featured in Bustle, NowThis Politics, iKNOW Politics, UN Women, among other outlets.

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