Elizabeth Rosen

Director, Communications

Elizabeth Rosen is the communications director for Future Caucus, the largest nonpartisan organization of young lawmakers in the United States. Future Caucus works with more than 1,800 Gen Z and millennial elected leaders in Congress and state legislatures to bridge divides, collaborate on future-oriented policy, and scale a healthy culture of democracy. As communications director, Rosen leads press and media operations to amplify Future Caucus members and their legislative success stories, driving a national narrative that centers next-generation problem-solvers in Congress and state legislatures.

Prior to joining Future Caucus, Rosen served as executive communications officer at Freedom House, mobilized young voters as Maine state press secretary at NextGen America, was executive advisor to the NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, led media monitoring and analysis at NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), and held numerous odd jobs, including ski instructing in Park City, pizza delivery in Fort Myers Beach, and fact-checking for a New York Times writer in Paris.

Since 2023, Elizabeth has served as co-chair of Foreign Policy for America’s NextGen Initiative, which works to spotlight and support rising foreign policy leaders from across the United States.

Elizabeth holds a Master of Science in International Security from l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors and Distinction in Anthropology (Archaeology & Cultural Heritage track) from Stanford University. She speaks French and Spanish and has intermittently attempted to learn Russian.

Originally from Sebastopol, California, Elizabeth enjoys film studies, swing and salsa dancing, playing piano, and road trips.

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