David Rokeach

VP of Enterprise AI, Scale AI

David is a technology executive with deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence. Currently, he is the VP of Enterprise AI for Scale AI, focusing on helping large companies build and deploy Generative AI capabilities. Previously, he was a Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specializing in AI & analytics strategy and building AI products for F500 clients.

David has been actively involved in government and politics for 15 years, with a particular focus on bridge building and future-focused policymaking on issues like climate change. He was previously a policy adviser in the US House and Senate, focused on legislative strategy in technology, energy, environment, space, transportation, defense, and other topics.

David has been an advisor to Future Caucus since its founding in 2013. He helped establish the Congressional Future Caucus, organized and ran off-the-record roundtable discussions in Congress on conservative climate change solutions, and has advised the organization’s leadership on numerous strategic and programmatic decisions.

He earned an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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