Ben Kinder

Membership and Impact Intern

Ben Kinder is the Membership and Impact Intern for Future Caucus, the largest nonpartisan organization of young lawmakers in the United States. He tracks and analyzes data critical to our membership and impact functions. In this role he collects, organizes, and interprets information, including but not limited to data on 2024 Congressional and state legislature candidates, as well as outcomes of 2024 legislative sessions.

Ben is currently a rising junior at Stanford University where he is majoring in both Public Policy as well as Data Science and Social Systems. For the past year, he has worked as a research assistant in Stanford’s Polarization and Social Change Lab. He is also the financial officer for Stanford in Government, the largest nonpartisan public service organization on campus, and co-president of the Jewish Student Association. Ben is originally from the Seattle area and enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing the French Horn in his free time.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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