Adam Met

Founder and Executive Director,
Planet Reimagined

Adam Met, PhD seamlessly transitions between roles as musician, educator, advocate, and scholar. As the world renown bassist in the multi-platinum band AJR, he has played in front of millions of fans worldwide, with the band’s music resonating across continents and garnering over 8 billion streams.

Beyond the stage, Adam is deeply invested in environmental sustainability, founding the climate advocacy nonprofit, Planet Reimagined. The organization trains fellows, future climate leaders from around the world, to research and fuster policy change both locally and internationally. They collectively utilize media and strategic advocacy to appeal to vast audiences on environmental issues from energy to agriculture to technology and beyond.

Adam works closely with the US Congress, the White House, and various local and national agencies, contributing to the formulation of progressive renewable energy policies and impactful legislation. He is also an advocate with the UN Development Programme, raising awareness about sustainability and promoting solutions to global challenges.

In the halls of academia, Adam shares his extensive knowledge as a professor at Columbia University, guiding students in climate, policy, and movement building. His academic journey is diverse, encompassing degrees in business and philosophy (BA, Columbia University, constitutional religious law (MA, New York University) and human rights law and sustainable development (PhD, University of Birmingham, UK). He contributes to numerous esteemed publications, including TIME, Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, Fortune, Mashable, and Quartz, and is a featured expert on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC. Adam has lectured and hosted conferences at various universities and renown speaking institutions including EXPO, Concordia, Chautauqua and TEDx.

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