February 13, 2020

The Millennial Action Project sweeps the nation by mobilizing Millennials to create and share post-partisanship achievements amidst a culture of hyper-polarization


February 13, 2020


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The Millennial Action Project sweeps the nation by mobilizing Millennials to create and share post-partisanship achievements amidst a culture of hyper-polarization

WASHINGTON, DC—From February 17-21, Millennial Action Project (MAP) will launch the first-ever “Serve Together: National Week of Post-Partisan Action,” or “#MAPservestogether.” This week will mobilize young people from all corners of the country—in Congress, in state legislatures, and at the grassroots level—to join together and showcase examples of post-partisan behavior, and build a new narrative around what political collaboration looks like. 

Members of MAP’s Future Caucuses will participate in online and offline activities to highlight what they’re doing to reach across party lines and develop innovative new solutions to key problems in their communities. More than 800 state legislators are part of MAP’s Future Caucus Network, bipartisan groups of Millennial legislators committed to bridging political divides in their legislatures. During the Serve Together: Week of Post-Partisan Action, legislators will be involved in activities including announcing new legislation, expanding Future Caucus membership and leadership, and leveraging print and digital platforms to share their work in the Future Caucus. 

 #MAPservestogether kicks off on Presidents’ Day, a holiday honoring the Founding Fathers and their “American experiment of democracy.” In this experiment, leaders and legislators must serve together to truly reflect the pluralism of the nation, and the Week of Post-Partisan Action, captures and extends the spirit of this holiday by showcasing young individuals committed to the notion of putting pluralism in action.

“In today’s hyper-polarized political climate, it’s unique to engage with hundreds of legislators committed to innovative, post-partisan approaches to policy discussions and solutions,” said Cherisse Eatmon, MAP’s Senior Director, State Caucus Network. “The National Week of Post-Partisan Action will demonstrate how these young changemakers serve together to usher in a new era of governing and civic engagement.” 

State Representative Zach Brown of Montana noted, “As the second youngest legislator in Montana, I take it as an obligation to represent young people in our political process. And our generation is less partisan than previous generations.”

Throughout the week, community-based and grassroots efforts will contribute to building the post-partisan narrative. MAP will celebrate the start of this week with a pre-launch event connecting Congressional staffers from both sides of the aisle to build post-partisan relationships, on Thursday, February 13th. MAP’s grassroots organization, the Future Corps, will also be activated in this Week of Post-Partisan Action, as they spread the message in their online and offline networks across the country. 

Anyone can join the movement using the hashtag #MAPservestogether throughout the week to highlight young individuals changing the narrative.

Legislators can get involved by contacting Alex Tapia at [email protected].

Volunteers can get involved by contacting Alex Baughman at [email protected].

Media inquiries can be directed to Lani Bohm at (202) 480-2051 or [email protected].

The Millennial Action Project (MAP) is a national, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to activating young policymakers to bridge the partisan divide and lead a new era of collaborative governance. In 2013, MAP organized America’s first-ever bipartisan caucus for young members of Congress, the Congressional Future Caucus. Shaping the next generation of leadership, MAP’s Future Caucus Network has expanded into nearly 30 state legislatures and grown into the largest nonpartisan organization of millennial elected officials in the U.S.


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