Media Roundup: PA Future Caucus Unveils Tuition Freeze Legislation

August 29, 2016

Check out the media coverage from the recent Pennsylvania Future Caucus event calling for college affordability.

MAP Co-Founder and President Steven Olikara joined PA State Representatives Nick Miccarelli and Kevin Boyle in Philadelphia, PA as the legislators announced their plan to introduce a bipartisan bill to freeze tuition rates at select Pennsylvania Public Universities. These universities, known as PASSHE schools, have seen a 170% increase in average student debt for their students since 2004. The legislation, which will be introduced to the PA House of Representatives, calls for a 5 year freeze on PASSHE school tuition, and no more than a 2% increase in the years following.

As Steven Olikara noted, this is an “extraordinary effort to bring together Democrats and Republicans here in the State of Pennsylvania around a critical issue facing Millennials”. Both Rep. Miccarelli and Rep. Boyle offered that the goal of their bill is to ensure that PA ends the tuition burden put on the Millennials living in their states. 

Check out some of the articles that came out of the press conference below:

Delaware County News Network

Rep. Miccarelli wants to freeze tuition rates at state colleges

Two state representatives are planning to submit a bill this fall that will freeze tuition fees for five years at the 14 universities in the state-owned system of higher education, including West Chester and Cheyney. The bipartisan effort of state Reps. Nick Miccarelli, R-162, of Ridley Park, and Kevin Boyle, D-172, of Philadelphia, to freeze tuition for institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) was the focus of a news conference Tuesday morning in University City …

ABC 27

Pa. lawmakers call for 5-year tuition freeze at state universities

Philadelphia Public School Notebook

Legislators from different parties join forces to curb college tuition hikes

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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