MAP President Steven Olikara on the Paris Agreement Withdrawal

June 1, 2017

June 1, 2017
Contact: Morgan Guilbeau, 202-480-2051

As officials confirmed the United States will plan to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Millennial Action Project President and Co-Founder Steven Olikara released the following statement: 

“Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is short-sighted not only environmentally, but also politically.

The younger the voter, the more support we find for climate policies. In fact, a majority of millennial Republicans believe climate change is real and that we must act urgently. As a result, millennials are driving a major de-polarization of the issue. It’s now up to our politicians to realize this demographic change — and change with it. 

We must now redouble our efforts to build bipartisan consensus on climate. Relying on only single party interest is unsustainable for our future — today’s decision on the Paris Agreement is the latest evidence of that. Fortunately, we have millennial Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress bringing new leadership to this challenge. It is, after all, our generation that will inherit the outcome of the decisions we make today.”

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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