Mackenzie Scott Backs Millennial Action Project’s Mission

July 22, 2020

In July, the Millennial Action Project (MAP) received a gift from Mackenzie Scott.

Mackenzie Scott Backs Millennial Action Project’s MissionIn July, the Millennial Action Project (MAP) received a gift from Mackenzie Scott.To start, we must begin by thanking her from the bottom of our hearts for her generosity. Her support is a game-changer — it comes at a pivotal time in our growth. MAP recently embarked on executing a new multi-year strategic plan, but needed a new scale of funding to bring it to life. Because of her, MAP has reached that next level. We are now the nation’s largest and most diverse organization of young elected leaders: over 1,600 legislators working in all 50 states and in Congress. MAP trains our young leaders to choose empathy, build bridges, and form diverse coalitions for change. We believe America needs this leadership to build an inclusive, diverse, and equitable democracy.We are deploying our coalitions to make a tangible impact in safeguarding the elections, combating climate change, and advancing racial justice, among other issues. For example, we partnered with the movie Just Mercy (about the real life story of justice activist Bryan Stevenson) to mobilize a cross-partisan coalition of young legislators to enact concrete criminal justice reforms highlighted in the movie. In Congress, our young leaders worked together to pass bipartisan legislation to provide food services for our most vulnerable children during this pandemic, through the Meals on Wheels for Kids Act. In a major win, our young legislators in Mississippi built a multi-racial, cross-partisan coalition to change their state flag: removing the Confederate symbols of oppression with a new, inclusive flag.Most profoundly, Martin Luther King III joined us at our Future Summit to train our young leaders in political bridge-building through the King philosophy of radical love. Too often, our national political narratives disaggregate the work of political bridge-building and care for our society’s most vulnerable and marginalized. We believe these concepts are part of one philosophy of compassion, empathy, and human dignity.Ms. Scott’s Glasswing butterfly metaphor is apt for MAP’s movement. From the small attic room of our origin and the inspiration of young leaders of the past, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we have spread our wings into the halls of Congress and state legislatures across the country to uplift our democracy for the next generation.Our movement for true empathy in our democracy is at a tipping point. Ms. Scott’s gift has helped set that ripple effect in motion. We are deeply grateful for her vision, generosity, and belief in our cause.

By Millennial Action Project on July 22, 2020.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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