Lawmakers Form New Illinois Future Caucus

January 19, 2016

Young lawmakers come together to form Illinois Future Caucus during a tamultious time in Illinois state government.


With no end to the budget stalemate in sight and leadership rarely meeting in recent weeks, state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are coming together to try to make any kind of progress.

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People are mad at both republicans and democrats, and are frustrated with inaction.

A group of young lawmakers from both sides of the aisle met today to acknowledge state government is not working while people, communities, and organizations suffer the consequences.

Democratic Representative Will Guzzardi and republican Representative Tom Demmer are co-founders of the new Illinois Future Caucus.

A dozen other lawmakers have joined them so far, hoping to restore confidence in state government.

They say the political infighting that has led to the budget impasse is borne out of stark political differences, but those differences will help their caucus move forward.

“We the next generation of leadership are committed to working together to solve the problems our state is facing,” said Rep. Will Guzzardi (D) Chicago.

“We also bring differences to the table. Our districts are just one illustration of the differences we have. The types of issues that come up are unique and we benefit from each other,” said Rep. Tom Demmer (R) Dixon.

Demmer says while the budget impasse is getting the most attention, there are other issues his caucus can work to resolve.

He says this caucus of younger lawmakers will bring a new approach and vision to issues like criminal justice reform and the role of government regulation in the state economy.

Guzzardi says while establishment lawmakers may not take the caucus seriously, he has heard plenty of support throughout the state.

The caucus plans to have an official unveiling in Springfield in the coming weeks that will better outline their outlook and policies.

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