In Solidarity: A Letter to MAP’s Network of Young State Legislators

January 15, 2021

In the midst of legitimate security concerns in the coming days at your state capitol buildings, we’re thinking of you and we support you. We stand in solidarity with those young state legislators who have dedicated themselves in good faith to service and their constituents.

We know that state legislators often don’t get the recognition they deserve: most legislators work separate full-time jobs; many work for minimal salary or remain unpaid for their service; and the level of staff support varies drastically from chamber to chamber and state to state. At the end of the day, state legislators are still members of their communities. And while each of you likely knew the challenges of governance would be trying, none of us could have anticipated today’s reality of multiple competing crises compounded with threats against personal safety. We sincerely appreciate your service each and every day.

Along with the rest of the country, the MAP team watched in horror and sadness last week as the hallowed U.S. Capitol was assaulted and our democratic principles threatened in a way never before seen. Violent words have turned to violent actions, which now threaten statehouse complexes across the country; and now, the FBI warns of armed protests anticipated in all fifty states in the days leading up through inauguration day.

As you return to your capitol desk — separated by fencing from your constituents and plexiglass from your colleagues — sessions will undoubtedly look and feel different. However, we know your commitment to serving with empathy and integrity is stronger than the precautionary physical barriers that sadly define this era. May they not stand as an impediment to collaboration and camaraderie.

We sincerely hope that you and your staff stay safe in the coming days. MAP is dedicated to supporting our state legislators. We seek to identify ways to restore sportsmanship to our politics and to call every citizen to be a vigilant vanguard of our democracy. Legislators, please let us know how we can help you in this time

In solidarity,

The States Team | Millennial Action Project

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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