Hawaii Representative Greggor Ilagan (D)

Healthcare Innovation Fellow

Since 2020, Greggor Ilagan has been serving as a Hawaii State Representative and was appointed as the Vice Speaker in his second term. His passion for serving his community has inspired him to host a series of 12 town halls over the holiday season so he can go into the Legislative Session with the top concerns of his district close to heart. He is appointed to the committees of Health & Homelessness, Human Services, and Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs.  

Before being in the State House, Representative Ilagan was elected as the youngest Councilmember in Hawaii County. He was 26 and served as a Councilmember for four years where he oversaw Planning and Housing as a Committee Chair. He also sat as a member on the committee of Finance and Public Works.  

In 2004, after High School, he enlisted into the Air National Guard under the 291st Combat Communications Squadron to train as a Satellite, Wideband & Telemetry System, also known as SWATS. He served in the military for six years.  

Fun Fact; Representative Ilagan was born in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii when he was seven years old.

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