Senator Zach Nunn


Zach has served a career defending our nation’s freedom with the US military – now he is honored to serve his community as Representative of Iowa House District 30.  A sixth-generation Iowan and Altoona native, Zach grew up the son of a public school teacher and nurse. He learned early the value of hard work from his grandfather, a livestock farmer and head of the family’s 100+ year old Iowa farm.

Zach is deeply committed to the future of his community. Together, Zach and his wife Kelly, also an Altoona native, own and operate a small business. They love raising their four kids.

As an officer with the US Air Force, Zach answered his country’s call to serve the greater good – three times deployed with over 700 air combat-hours. Zach has served on the White House National Security Council safeguarding America’s ideals and prosecuting its gravest threats.

Zach didn’t ‘luck’ into his current career. His Iowa community, teachers, coaches, civic leaders and trademark Iowa values empowered his success. This is why Zach is a believer when it comes to ensuring Iowa is the best in the nation. Zach is a common-sense hard-worker and wants to make Iowa a place for young people to call home, and generational towns to prosper.  Zach is a confident Republican leader with a proven fiscal-conservative track record.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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