Delegate Kayla Young

West Virginia Future Caucus, Co-Chair (D)

A native of her district, Delegate Kayla Young is wrapping up her first term in the West Virginia House of Delegates as a well-respected, pragmatic legislator who stays true to her beliefs and works across the aisle to effect real change for her constituents. She was proud to sponsor several bills that passed in her first term and to work on many more that made it across the finish line. Her top priorities of expanding alternative energy solutions, improving the unemployment system, and making childcare more accessible for working families were all signed into law during her first term. 

Kayla grew up surrounded by coal miners and teachers in her family, learning the value of a hard day’s work and the importance of education for all. As the founder of several businesses and a non-profit organization herself, Kayla knows the importance of community and how small businesses help ours to thrive.

Kayla lives in South Charleston with her husband, Troy Rankin, their children Milo and Zella, and their foster-fail pup Delilah.

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