Representative Jared Mead

Washington Under-40 Caucus, Co-Chair (D)

Rep. Jared Mead represents the 44th House district of Washington State, and serves on the College & Workforce Development committee, Environment & Energy committee,  transportation committee.

Jared advocates for common-sense, bipartisan solutions, which means easier commutes in the morning and an economy that works for everyone. It means better public schools for our kids and lower taxes on middle-class families trying so hard to give their family a better life. 

Rep. Mead was born and raised in the 44th District, growing up in Mill Creek and attending Jackson High.

During his time in the private sector, he gained an understanding of the business cycle and what it takes to create an economy that works for all.

He believes that anybody who works a full-time job and plays by the rules should be able to afford to buy a home in a safe neighborhood, save enough to send their kids to college and have the benefits you need to take care of a family. That includes health care, sick leave, and retirement.

Rep. Mead maintains that giving our children a better life will take partnerships and creativity, but it will also require a democracy where leaders are transparent, accountable and willing to work across party labels to get things done for the taxpayers.

In the past, after serving two terms on the Mill Creek Planning Commission, Rep. Mead worked for Mill Creek City Council, and also had the privilege of working in the state Senate.

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