Representative Brandon Whipple

Kansas Future Caucus, EMERITUS Co-Chair (D) 

Originally from Wichita, Brandon Whipple learned the value of hard work from building houses with his father, a carpenter. His father taught him that you can achieve anything if you have a vision and work hard towards that vision. His dad encouraged Brandon to  find a way to make a living using all his gifts, not just his hands, and with that lesson Brandon became the first in his family to graduate college.

Brandon earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Wichita State University where he focused on social serves, community development, and public policy. Brandon sees education as a pathway to a brighter future and an opportunity to excel.

At Wichita State, Brandon met his wife, Chelsea, who shares his passion and commitment to community development. Brandon’s focus is on using his passion for service and education to make Kansas a place of opportunity.

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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