National Week Of Action

Each year, Future Caucus hosts a week of action to catalyze and amplify the Future Caucus network’s efforts to bridge the political divide.

During National Week of Action, we mobilize young people — legislators and community members — to join together and build a new narrative around what political collaboration looks like. Together, we can bring civility to the political discourse and prove that good governance begins with meaningful collaboration.

Serving legislators across the country

Our Impact

Over 1,800 legislators have been served by Future Caucus since 2013


Serving more than 68% of young legislators in the US


Nearly 70 legislators from across the country attended Future Summit in 2023


33 states have a Future Caucus chapter


Delaware Future Caucus Launch

Delaware became the 32nd Future Caucus state to join the network and hosted an evening dinner to celebrate.


Effective Lawmakers Playbook Training

As part of ongoing leadership development offerings, state lawmakers had an opportunity to participate in a negotiation workshop during National Week of Action.


Twitter Chat

Our network of young lawmakers joined us for a Twitter Chat to spotlight positive changemakers, discuss innovative policy solutions, and share ideas about how to transcend polarization.


Policy Champions

Young state legislators are uniquely positioned to effect change and advance future-oriented policy solutions. Across digital platforms, we highlighted our top policy champions from 2023.

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Rep. Sara Jacobs


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