Five Reasons Why You — a Young State Legislator — Should Attend 2021 Future Summit

July 26, 2021

Are you a young, optimistic state legislator? If so, the Millennial Action Project’s (MAP) Future Summit — the nation’s largest annual bipartisan gathering of Millennial legislators — was made for you, and it’s only a few days away. Taking place July 29th and 30th, the 2021 Future Summit will be here before you know it, so here are five reasons why you should RSVP for Future Summit today:

1. The Future is in Your Hands

With record numbers of Millennials running for office, young people across America are ready to be the change they hope to see in the world. The Millennial Action Project wants to make those dreams a reality. Future Summit is our annual conference to equip you with the tools to create a future we can all be proud of. Whether you want to expand your legislative portfolio, build your media skills, or advance energy resilience legislation, Future Summit is sure to add to your leadership toolkit.

2. Bipartisan Relationships Advance Post-Partisan Action

At Future Summit, you will be able to build your network, (re)connect with other young lawmakers, and break down the hyperpolarized walls that can divide us. MAP is partnering with Better Arguments to equip you with best strategies for having transformative conversations across the aisle. Through Future Summit’s lunch networking and policy breakout sessions, you will be able to immediately put those strategies into practice and start building bipartisan relationships for post-partisan legislative action.

3. Exchange Policy Ideas with Legislators from Other States

Despite a narrative of political division, bipartisanship is an effective legislative strategy. According to data from the Lugar Center, co-sponsorships across party lines actually increase legislative effectiveness for members of both majority and minority parties. At Future Summit, you can attend one of four policy breakout sessions: Criminal Justice Reform, Energy & Environment, the Future of Work, and Strengthening Democracy. These issue areas are trending in legislatures across the country and are ripe for bipartisan cooperation during your next session.

Attending the 2021 Future Summit will allow you to tap into the wealth of knowledge from your colleagues and learn best practices for coalition building to advance your legislative agenda. When you get back into the chamber, you will have access to MAP’s policy products to aid you in drafting and passing future-oriented legislation.

4. Hear From Millennial Keynote Speakers About Innovative Leadership

“It is never too late to turn towards love, and it is my sincere and earnest hope that the leadership of our great country will work towards our founding values, our raison d’être: freedom, equality, and justice for all.” — Evan Spiegel, “We Stand Together”

National narratives often hold that gridlock and pessimism in the political process have become the norm in legislatures. MAP wants to change that narrative; we believe that through a healthy mix of innovation and pragmatism, legislators can chart new paths together. This year’s Future Summit speakers, Evan Spiegel and Julie Chávez Rodriguez, embody that spirit. Legislators can learn from Evan, co-founder CEO of Snap Inc., about bridging the bold, entrepreneurial spirit of the tech industry with the problem solving mandate of the public sector. Julie Chávez Rodriguez, Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, will discuss how federal and state governments can collaborate to support the legislative agendas of the states. You will also be able to ask questions in both sessions that pertain to your interests.

5. Future Summit is Free, Virtual, and Filled with Goodies

For the second year, Future Summit will be virtual due to COVID-19 . While we anticipate seeing you in person next year, this year’s virtual format makes the conference easily and safely accessible for legislators across the country. Attending Future Summit is as easy as RSVPing and logging on from the comfort of your home! MAP will be hosted on Zoom via a sleek, all-events platform called Cadence for an immersive virtual experience. Virtual photobooths, curated Millennial Spotify playlists, rapid technical support, and MAP swag promise to make the online experience as sweet as can be.

This year’s conference will take place virtually on July 29 from 5:30pm-7pm ET, and July 30 from 10am-4pm ET. This year’s Future Summit is primed to be a great event that you are not going to want to miss! Come and join the cohort of bipartisan, future-focused legislators in MAP’s State Future Caucus Network, and you will find peers, advisors, and other young leaders who will change the world with you, one state at a time.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

Rep. Sara Jacobs


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